Our missions and objectives


Hydromash JSC, Nizhny Novgorod, is the leading Russian company in the field of development, production, and testing of landing gears, hydraulic actuators and other hydraulic units for civil aircraft.


  • Remaining one of the leaders of Russian aviation industry
  • Meeting all our customers’ demands
  • Ensuring social well-being for all our employees and their families


  • Our main value is the man, his knowledge, abilities, qualification and experience
  • Respect to labour family dynasties
  • Our corporate culture is that of our production, business conduct, business and personal relations
  • Team work. Our company is a team united by its common objectives, coordination of activities, and by commitment to the company’s interests 


  • Yearly increasing production volumes by raising labour productivity
  • Production processes optimization
  • Participation in domestic and foreign aircraft manufacture programmes
  • Equipment modernization
  • Perfecting our technologies and product design
  • Permanent improvement in the quality of products and relations
  • Formation of personnel reserve
  • Adequate reward for each employee’s labour


  • A manager shall be a leader who is able to unite his subordinates’ effort to unconditionally accomplish the missions assigned, who can see the prospect, who creates an atmosphere of initiative and goodwill, and who never looses the sense of proportion on the path to success
  • A specialist shall be an employee who shows creativity, competence, a grasping mind, the ability to analysis and synthesis, and constant persistence and commitment to achievements
  • A worker shall be one who adds value to manufactured products through skills, duty performance, exactitude, creativity and craftsmanship shown in each and every operation