Hydraulic Actuators

Aviation Hydraulic Actuators and Units


We develop, manufacture, test and maintain a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic units intended to be installed on airplanes and helicopters.

  1. Hydraulic / pneumatic actuators for the following systems with operating pressures up to 35 MPa (350 kgf/cm2):
    • airplane and helicopter landing gear retraction and extraction
    • airplane alighting mechanization
    • airplane flight control
    • airplane compartment flap door opening and closing systems
    • retraction and extraction of other airplane elements

Actuator design variations:

    • Without locks
    • Without locks, with an arresting device at the end of the rod stroke (with anti-overload valves if necessary)
    • With an in-built mechanical lock in the retracted and/or extracted rod position
    • With an in-built mechanical lock and a drive to install a mechanism for signalizing the locked position
    • With an in-built mechanical lock and an installed mechanism for signalizing the locked position
    • With an in-built mechanical lock and an arresting device at the end of the rod stroke
    • With a hydraulic lock mounted on hydraulic actuator
    • With an emergency valve mounted on hydraulic actuator
    • With a hydraulic lock and an emergency valve mounted on hydraulic actuator
    • Actuator fixtures to mount actuators on airplanes can either be equipped with ball bearings, which can be self-lubricated, or they can be made in the form of Cardan joints, which can have operating fluid pipelines installed.
  1. Hydraulic units:
    • Distributing and damping units
      Mechanically driven slide-valve hydraulic units with feedback couplings for operating fluid distribution in operating cavities of steering gear power actuators in control mode and for creating hydraulic resistance when operating fluid flows from one actuator cavity to another in damping mode.
    • Hydraulic shimmy dampers
      Intended to prevent NLG shimmy vibrations
    • Nonflow dampers
    • Lifting dampers
    • Stabilizing dampers
    • Specialized dampers
      Intended to prevent airplane flight control surface vibrations
    • Hydraulic compensators
    • Hydraulic units for airplane and helicopter hydraulic systems
    • Hydraulic shock dampers
    • Dosers

Hydraulic Actuators for Earth-Moving Equipment


Apart from aviation, we develop and manufacture hydraulic actuators used as power elements in hydraulic systems of various earth-moving and construction equipment (excavators, loaders, tractors, etc.), agricultural equipment, equipment for the mineral resource industry, specialized equipment, etc.

In hydraulic actuator design we use:

  • various damping options, which exclude equipment elements overload
  • top-quality long-lasting sealings produced by the leading German and Russian manufactures on the basis of ethenoid thermoplastic and composite materials.

The quality of our hydraulic actuators meets the highest requirements owing to the use of new technologies and materials, CAD, CNC machines, testing equipment and a highly efficient QA system.

We effectuate serial production of and prefer to work with:

  • case dia. from 65 mm to 200 mm;
  • rods dia. from 50 mm to 160 mm, 2000 mm long.

We are most attentive to the market requirements and our customers’ preferences.