Veterans Council

JSC «Hydromash» veterans organization was established in 1958 and is justly considered the best in Sovetsky city district and one of the best in the city. Now 643 people are registered there, including 20 members of the Veterans Council. The main goal of the organization is social protection of retired veterans.

The company has introduced a title of JSC «Hydromash» Labor Veteran, which has 3 degrees: JSC «Hydromash» Labor Veteran (30 years of employment in the company), JSC «Hydromash» Honorary Labor Veteran (40 years of employment in the company), JSC «Hydromash» Distinguished Labor Veteran (50 years of employment in the company).

Since 2000 JSC «Hydromash» has a regulation, according to which company labor veterans monthly receive extra payments in addition to state pension. Depending on the period of employment their amount can be from 340 to 790 roubles.

Veterans organization closely cooperates with the trade union committee and H&R department.

Veterans have the possibility to obtain vouchers to Solnechnaia Poliana recreation center at discounted prices (every year about 120 people have a rest there with their children and grandchildren).

Besides, the company grants money on the Victory Day, Day of Older Persons, for ceremonial services. Veterans take part in all events, organized by the company, Sovetsky city district, the city and the region.